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SOS Field Services, LLC

Since 2013, SOS Field Services, LLC has been diligently serving civil process in Mississippi. We have a network of professional, efficient servers who are dedicated to providing outstanding services to all of our clients including law firms, collections agencies, individuals, government, and other process serving companies. We pride ourselves on being affordable, reliable, and professional on every service and giving each case our 100% effort.

We are dedicated to providing process service that goes beyond the standard. We believe in fast service, top-notch customer service, and above all, results. Our Mississippi process servers understand that your papers need to be served quickly and accurately. Our process servers cover the entire state of Mississippi and St. Tammany and Washington Parishes in Louisiana.

How It Works

Our technology sets us apart from our competition, and we take great pride in it! Right from the moment you submit a job until it's finished, we make sure your documents are carefully monitored every step of the way. Our servers in the field are constantly updating, providing instant notifications regarding service attempts or the completion of a job. Our software GPS tags most services, or if you'd prefer, we can offer a photo of the service address when a geotag is not possible.

We offer tailored services, pricing is dependent on the desired turnaround time and type of service. We offer routine service (1st attempt within 7 days of server receiving documents), expedited service (1st attempt within 3 days of server receiving documents), and same-day service (1st attempt within 24 hours of server receiving documents). Please contact us for a personalized quote. You can use our online order form to easily upload your service documents and case information.

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Our Legal Support Services

We will customize our services to meet your case's specific requirements. Whether you need same-day service of process or a skip trace on a hard-to-find defendant, our Mississippi process servers can help! Please give us a call at (601) 348-1730 or email us to go over your case. We're here to get you results!

Process Service

We serve all types of legal documents in Mississippi including subpoenas, summons, complaints, letter of intent, postings, small claims documents, and much more. We adhere to all local and state law regarding civil process.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is a method used to locate individuals who have seemingly "skipped" or disappeared, often to avoid legal obligations. We provide thorough location services to track down and serve these hard-to-find individuals.

Court Services

To supplement your legal case we provide efficient court filing, courthouse research, and record retrieval services. We can file and retrieve supporting documents into and from local, state, and federal courts.

Property Photos

We can provide detailed and objective property condition photographs and reports. We will report back all of our findings to you in an organized fashion to help you assess the condition of the property in question.

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